Platinum Package


Are you one of our OCWESTHETICS clients who does not get services in a monthly basis or perhaps do not know us yet?

You can get a better price by purchasing our 2 service package or signing up for our monthly membership. (Both sessions must be booked at the same appointment.)

Platinum Package Bundle: 1 Brazilian Wax and 1 Must Have facial for only $155.00 (Original price $164.00)

Monthly Platinum Membership: You will receive both treatments once a month for $148.00 when you purchase within 4 weeks of your previous treatment.

Call, email or mention the membership to our receptionist or Vero and you'll be set up in no time.

How To Book An Appointment?

1. For BOOKING click here → BOOK NOW

2. To purchase a treatment and book in the future via email or txt please ADD TO CART then CHECK-OUT.